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What a summer it’s been so far. Usually people leave town and I have a few more hours to myself, but this last month brought unexpected growth and opportunity my way. I had the exciting challenge of training someone in preparation  for opening her studio in, of all places, Portugal. We met every morning, bright and early, for three weeks to move and critique, go over fitness methods, functional anatomy, and class sequencing strategies with the intention of making her ready for her ultimate dream, a fitness and wellness studio just outside of Lisbon.

How satisfying it is to share all that I have been given over the years by a variety of gifted teachers and put it together with a new instructor’s dream in mind. I am grateful for the chance to continue sharing what I know later this month as I make my way to Lisbon for the studio opening, training and  team-building for her staff. Her eclectic mix of yoga, pilates, barre, belly dancers and then some will be learning from me what I have gleaned from my mixed background.

It is both a gift and a challenge to work with a collection of teachers in an assortment of methods. And yet behind all these methods there is a powerful thread of commonality. Mindful movement is how we connect to ourselves. It is through conscious practice that we find the balance: firmness of body, steadiness of intelligence, benevolence of spirit. I hope that sense of empowerment and grace shown me by my varied teachers will come across loud and clear as I travel to support Portugal’s newest wellness studio. What a journey it will be!



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  • Marilyn Martens

    She’s a lucky gal to have you as her teacher and mentor. Safe travels my friend.

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