Thumbs Up for Weight Watchers

I recently ran into a friend of mine who has lost fifteen pounds. She credited Weight Watchers, raving about their inspirational meetings and new apps for her smart phone. Apparently, Oprah Winfrey has come on board this year and put new life into an old program. Perhaps Deepak Chopra is influencing her too, because there seems to be some Ayurveda-inspired recipes sprinkled through their revamped website. Given that I have slowly put on weight over the last ten years and still have my teenage sugar cravings, it seemed like something worth checking into. A recent doctor appointment and required weigh-in was proof enough.

As much as I know about eating well and exercising daily, a lack of accountability was doing me in. I have loathed getting on the scale since my crazy dancer weigh-ins, yet I understand that wearing stretchy clothing almost 24/7 doesn’t help me recognize when my body is expanding. This month I decided it was time to get honest with myself, stop rushing around all day without enough fuel only to be famished and dull-minded when it came to preparing and enjoying nutritious food at home in the evening. Worse yet, I have been buying and hiding junk with the intention of diving into it late at night, a nightmare for me. Eating balanced meals is a reflection of what I consider emotional health, so I have been clearly off the beam.

I got my butt to a meeting in Gaithersburg and signed up for the cool Smart Points and Fit Points apps online. It has been a wonderful practice to up my nutrients while simultaneously tracking my food intake and getting on the scale regularly. The result feels almost like a sign of great emotional growth and maturity to me. Better yet, the portioned recipes on their site are healthful and more global than ever such as vegan and gluten-free meals, for instance, with my favorite exotic spices like tumeric, cumin and fennel. Yes, they still sell their special Weight Watchers candy bars and such, but I also know that shifting my thoughts from an all or nothing mindset to being ok with a bite or two of something silly sweet is healthy progress.

Being in the mix at meetings with such a variety of people of all shapes and sizes, lifestyles and priorities is humbling. Listening to others frame of mind and their relationship to food is enlightening. Taking time to step out of my comfort zone without worrying what people may think of me is empowering. So for all of these reasons and more, I give a thumbs up to Weight Watchers.


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