Roll Out Tension


There IS a way to get weekly massages that don’t break the bank! No excuses for feeling stiff and sore anymore. Empower yourself with a few well placed massage balls to release tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hips as well as all the way down to your toes.

Commit to a New You in the New Year with one of my Massage Ball Workshops. My next one is Sunday, January 8th from 2-4pm at One Aum Yoga Center in Potomac, MD. Register by clicking the link here.

The objectives of this workshop are to demonstrate and teach the use of massage balls for achieving deep tissue massage, acupressure release and overall body flexibility.The focus will be on the neck, shoulders, spine and buttocks. The outcome will be a rejuvenated body with improved range of motion for daily tasks, the restoration of athletic flexibility and a decreased propensity for injuries.You will learn self-administered techniques for sustaining a healthy, flexible and pain free body.

This workshop will include:
*Circular warm up movements to promote flexibility based on therapeutic movement techniques
*Stretching and strengthening of all regions of the body from the neck to the feet
*Using massage balls of various sizes and firmness, in combination with movements to promote spinal flexibility and deep tissue release. Balls for the workshop will be provided and are available for purchase after the class. Please wear a tight fitted long sleeved top and bring a yoga mat.

NO MORE EXCUSES for feeling stiff and sore. EMPOWER YOURSELF in 2017!

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