Reclaim Your Feminine Majesty

Create a Throne in your Home

Have you lost your tiara? I lost my crown sometime between birthing my first and second child. It probably fell into the recycling bin, crushed amid jars of Gerber’s baby food. But more importantly, I lost my allegiance to myself, giving up the territory of my personal care while navigating the unruly land of motherhood. Raising well-adjusted children is one of life’s great rewards, but in the process my inner resources can get woefully depleted. Fortunately this “damsel in distress” has been rescued by some unexpected knights in shining armor in the form of wonderful yoga teachers who guide me along the road back to myself.

Do you feel deprived of a throne? Or, at least, a place in your home where you can seek and find your true majesty on a daily basis? Simply making an altar of sorts and committing to rituals of renewal will take you away from life’s whirlwind into the home of your heart. The ancient tools of yoga plus a few of your own invention are all that is needed to remember your essential goodness and worthiness.

Begin the process by creating a sacred space in your home. This space can be small and secluded of a corner of your kitchen where a display of objects, a candle, inspirational books or a writing journal nudge you into a benevolent frame of mind. Music and movement, breath work and visualization are effective tools to rediscover your inner goddess.

Try the following steps as your take your seat of honor:

  1. Warm up your body by following the sequence offered in my “Rise and Shine” October 2010 post.
  2. Sit with regal grace. Clear your mind by observing your natural breathing pattern for two minutes. Slowly shift into a 4-4-6 count rhythm. With focused ease breathe in for four, pause for four counts, and then exhale for six counts. As the rhythm becomes comfortable, exchange counting numbers with a simple mantra –a repeated word which represents your sam kalpa – a spiritual quality you wish to embody such as gratitude, courage or acceptance. Continue this breath awareness exercise for a couple of minutes.
  3. Relax , get comfy and enjoy your well-earned “me” time knowing that when the Queen is in a benevolent mood,  her world will reflect goodness and graciousness in return.

You have a core and it wants to be strong for you every day, all day long!