Intentions vs. Resolutions

Happy 2015! What an optimal day to set resolutions, or better yet, intentions. Failed resolutions are, unfortunately, part of a huge stockpile of baggage we store in our minds. In my experience intentions are best announced privately and daily as part of a meditation practice.

Bringing prayer and thanksgiving into the equation can be a powerful addition to our own willpower. When we invoke the Divine for support and guidance, we become more receptive to the web of messages both within our heart and around our environment. Taking time before sleep to review our day and acknowledge progress -not perfection – is crucial to staying on target. And be forewarned that the target will morph into something more expansive than our limited mind can conjure when we invite God to participate in creating our life vision. I recommend choosing an inspirational book of daily readings to keep you on track and gently nudge you when redirection is needed. A paragraph, a prayer, observation of the breath and an open heart are the ingredients necessary when sitting quietly for a handful of minutes. Check out The Little Book of Pink – Affirmations and Quotations for Healing and High Vibrations by Rena Reese. Start and end the day this way for the next few weeks at least. The results will be more than you can ever imagine!