Did You Know? #1 Left-Sided Muscle Tension

Did you know that the muscles on the torso’s left side tend to be “tighter” than the right side? Why is that, you ask? Since our left side houses more material like the heart, for example, there is less space and more density. And even more fascinating is the fact that if the left side of the chest and left shoulder are particularly restricted, it is very likely that there is limitation at the right side of the neck at the hairline.

Hmm… Yes, such is the information that accumulates in my mind.And it is the mind that will provide answers for more body balance. Not our analytical mind that intellectualizes problems in search of a solution, instead it is our powers of observation – sensing and feeling – which will guide us to more symmetry. The body wants to move freely and without pain. Effortless effort. Moving with skillful awareness, grace in motion.

Yoga means “union”. The joining of opposites or complimentary contrasts. So rather than worrying about the difference between you and your other half, celebrate it knowing All is One when it comes to yoga.