One on One Classes  

Personal training intensifies your learning curve in movement improvement and overall fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight and  increase muscle mass or you are dealing with injuries and health issues, I offer effective and convenient private 75 minute sessions at your location or my home studio. Customized  programs are designed and implemented based on your body type, lifestyle and personal goals. Options include Pilates, Barre, Circuit Training and Yoga for Vitality to build endurance, strength, flexibility, and reduce excess tension. Yoga for Recovery sessions focus on rehabilitation exercises, energy-balancing postures, meditation and breathing techniques to optimize health.




Ayurveda is one of the most comprehensive wellness systems in the world, dealing integrally with body, mind and spirit. Clients are assessed to determine physical constitution and underlying disease tendencies. Remedial measures are explained and implemented such as dietary changes, herbal remedies and lifestyle recommendations to counter primary doshic imbalances, giving clients practical tools for changing their own health. Special attention is paid to building a better relationship with food and increasing your ability to nourish yourself from the inside out. Clients can expect easy access, helpful information and regular encouragement from me.


  Energy-balancing bodywork is a deeply meditative experience received fully-clothed through a series of specific hand placements. It facilitates the release of deep layers of cellular memory associated with physical and emotional pain, trauma and abuse. This gentle approach orchestrates the”chi” or universal life force to energetically balance the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies aligning them with the individual’s spiritual body. Benefits include an increased awareness of one’s higher self and a thorough rest for the nervous system to enhance health and well-being. It can be experienced on a massage table or combined with a well-supported Restorative Yoga session for additional release of deep-held muscular tension.


Workshops and Trainings

I offer monthly events in the DC area in conjunction with local studios, businesses and schools. Workshops focus on wellness solutions designed for specific groups of people whether weary moms, office workers or retirees. Themes range from self-massage techniques for physical challenges to mood management, mindful eating, restorative yoga, bone and joint health as well as energy-balancing exercises and intuitive movement for pain relief. Events are often co-facilitated with other experts in the wellness field.

It is my pleasure to be on faculty at the Inner Domain Yoga School and Rock the Reformer by Potomac Pilates. I encourage interested students to inquiry about their wonderful teacher trainings. Yoga practitioners can pursue 200 and 500 hour certification with Yoga Alliance. Pilates enthusiasts can study to become teachers at one of RTR Pilates five locations now in the country. I am honored to provide knowledge of anatomy and functional movement skills to these gifted trainees.

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Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have an interest in one of the classes that I offer, or if you have any questions about my practice. I am always extremely interested in discussing the practice of yoga, various fitness techniques, or anything else related to the body, mind and spirit.


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