“Lisa is the epitome of a yogi, she is grace.  Her classes are by far the best I’ve attended over my 15 year yoga practice.  She has tremendous knowledge of human anatomy and explains what muscles engage in different poses which I personally enjoy. Lisa’s dance class is a wonderful experience.  Lisa teaches us to dance from the heart.  It’s magical! I’ve experienced LaHo-Chi bodywork too. It is a very powerful healing modality.The energy exchange is palpable, it’s deeply relaxing and I felt better than I had in awhile after recovering from surgery.”  Marilyn – Massage Therapist 
“Each week we focus on different parts of the body, different types of breathing, different stretching techniques–even different types of yoga. When I began my practice with Lisa,  I was looking to add mind/body awareness to my aerobic exercise routine, and I also hoped to regain some flexibility.  Although I have only been at it for a year and a half, I feel like I am making progress in both of these areas.  I really look forward to the hour and half, two days a week, that I forget about the outside world and focus on simple things… like breathing!” Reggie – Mother
“I get so much out of Lisa’s weekly class as both my mind and body are affected in positive ways.  Her classes are indeed demanding, however, the results are immediate as I feel both stronger and am in better overall physical alignment.  At the same time my general point of equilibrium seems reset, giving me more mental balance and clarity – a true feeling that I’ve restored and empowered my soul and spirit.   Surely this must be a sign of a wonderful teacher, to be able to transform her students in such amazing ways.” Christy – Artist
“It is a treasure without measure to fill all the mind, body, spirit with the light Lisa turned on for us. The pace of the class was excellent – to begin so simply in our own personal space and end in our circle of giving, receiving. I felt that Lisa had the perfect plan for both new and experienced participants.”    Miriam – Dancer
“Under Lisa’s loving direction I experience readjustment, reconnection, renewal, and reaffirmation of body and mind.” Jani – Psychologist
“The classes are heart-felt and are beautifully designed. I walk away feeling more open,stronger, balanced and ready to take on the world!” Mary – Special Education Teacher
“Finding Lisa is one of the highlights of my year. Her beautiful spirit guides me through a practice filled with grace and gratitude.” Linda – School Teacher
“Her  yoga class is truly magical – it lifts me up and makes my heart sing every time.”  Petra – Mother
” Her instruction is fabulous. I achieve the perfect balance of physical empowerment and personal inspiration. Lisa’s years of experience are reflected in her teachings. I learn something new with each class I take.”  Kimberlee – Mother