Workshops and Trainings


Seasonal events are offered to provide tools of self-care for more health and happiness. Activities include practices for mood management, mindful eating and body image, restorative postures for better sleep, bone and joint health, energy-balancing exercises and intuitive movement for pain relief. Events are often co-facilitated with other experts in the wellness field.

  • Massage Ball Self-Care and Floorplay Workshop

    Sunday April 26th  11:30 – 1:30pm

    4433 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016
The objectives of this workshop are to demonstrate and teach the use of massage balls for achieving deep tissue massage, acupressure release and overall body flexibility.The focus will be on the neck, shoulders, spine and buttocks.The outcome will be a rejuvenated body with improved range of motion for daily tasks, the restoration of athletic flexibility and a decreased propensity for injuries.You will learn self-administered techniques for sustaining a healthy, flexible and pain free body.This workshop will include:
*Circular warm up movements to promote flexibility based on therapeutic movement techniques
*Stretching and strengthening of all regions of the body from the neck to the feet
*Using massage balls of various sizes and firmness, in combination with movements to promote spinal flexibility and deep tissue releaseBalls for the workshop will be provided and are available for purchase after the class. Please wear a tight fitted long sleeved top and bring a yoga mat.

Ayurveda Weekend Workshop

Saturday, May 2nd – Sunday, May 3rd
9am – 5pm
Cost: $299
Location: CenteredBeing Home studio
5147 Portsmouth Road, Fairfax VA 22032
Ayurveda has been called, “the science of life” and the “mother of all healing”. As the oldest health care system in the world, its roots date back over 5000 years into the Vedic era. This 2-day introductory-level workshop welcomes both teachers and yoga students, who wish to learn more about how this ancient yogic system can help you to live a more healthy and empowered life today.
You won’t want to miss this informative and enlightening workshop, led by two Ayurveda consultants and master yoga teachers, Lisa Johnson, ERYT 500 and Neva Ingals, ERYT 500. You will learn:

The interface between Yoga and Ayurveda
The 5 Elements and the Three Doshas
How to determine your Dosha
An introduction to Ayurvedic anatomy
The Importance of Agni
The Gunas, the Six Tastes and the 20 attributes
Healing through treating opposites
Reduction and Tonification Therapies
Pancha Karma
The Master Doshas, Prana Tejas and Ojas
Ayurveda and the Mind
The Deeper healing practices

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Bahamas Retreat for Women

Winter 2016 Dates TBA: Join me next year at the Hummingbird Art Gallery in Hopetown for an inspiring opportunity to define your highest intentions for health and happiness.  Stay at the lovely Hopetown Harbor Lodge and enjoy this thriving arts community on the ocean. Enjoy delicious meals, massage, and beach activities while in the company of kindred spirits on the path to more joyful living. Single and double occupancy rooms are reserved for $255- 335 per night. The retreat includes breakfast and lunch, two Yoga-based classes a day and one massage, energy-healing or Ayurvedic counseling session.

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Ayurveda and Yoga are sisters sciences that come to us from the Channels of Light, the Vedas. One address the outer life and the other the inner. Together they bring health, happiness and liberation.

 300 Hour Integral Yoga and Ayurveda Advanced Teacher Training

Dates: April 18th – 26th, June 6th – 14th, August 8th – 14th

Price: $1099.99 per session


Asanas, Chakras and You

Restorative Yoga and Energy Medicine Introduction

Flexibility from the Inside Out – Digestive Wellness

Optimal Movement for your Joints and Spine

Muscles and the Art of Contraction and Extension

Cool Yoga Tricks to Instantly Improve Postures

Your Core and More: Strength Training and  Injury Rehabilitation

Long, Slow and Deep: Stretch to  Realign your Body and Mind

Yoga Dance: Full Body Expression to Open the Heart

Move Consciously with the Breath to Prevent Injury