Private Sessions


Private and Semi-Private Classes intensify your learning curve in movement improvement. Whether you are recovering from injury, health issues or want the convenience of a home practice, this option is wonderful both one-on-one or with a couple of friends at your DC area location or mine, just off of Glen Road in Potomac, Maryland. Customized  programs are designed and implemented based on your body type, lifestyle and personal goals. Options include specific exercises to build cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility and stress-reducing techniques. Yoga therapy sessions focus on rehabilitation exercises, healing postures, breathing techniques, bodywork and nutritional guidance to optimize health.

Appointments are 1 to 1.5  hours.

  • Private Yoga/Pilates Session –  $80 per hour  ( additional person – $20)
  • LaHo-Chi Energy Healing Bodywork Session – $80 per hour

LaHo-Chi is a deeply meditative healing experience received fully-clothed through a series of gentle hand placements. It facilitates the release of deep layers of cellular memory associated with physical and emotional pain, trauma and abuse. LaHo-Chi orchestrates the”chi” or universal life force to energetically balance the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies aligning them with the individual’s spiritual body. Benefits include an increased awareness of one’s higher self and a thorough rest for the nervous system to enhance health and well-being.

 Yoga Level 1 provides instruction in the fundamentals of practice including  breath-awareness and relaxation methods. Essential standing poses, shoulder and hip openers, gentle backbends, forward bends and twists are included for a well-rounded, enjoyable experience.
  Yoga Level 2 builds on Level 1 fundamentals by integrating  revolved standing poses, arm balances and deeper backbends into class. Handstand, forearm balance, headstand and shoulderstand are introduced in a supportive, encouraging environment. Breathing exercises and meditation techniques are explored for a deeper experience of yoga’s health benefits . 
Yoga Level 3 is for students with a consistent practice and clear understanding of rhythmic breathing, healthy alignment and pose modifications for their unique abilities. Long-held postures are presented to increase body awareness and release deep-seated tension while more challenging postures are offered as part of a vinyasa flow class to build strength, balance and coordination.