Class Descriptions

 YOGA is the science of remembering our intrinsic goodness and the art of aligning with the rhythms of the natural world for optimal living.
The postures, breathwork, meditation practices were formed from close observation of  our relationship to creation, then customized to positively affect overall health. It offers you natural methods for optimal living using self-awareness to improve the function of all your bodily systems, including your innate intuitive ability and energetic connection to Source. By taking responsibility for your health and well-being through yoga, you can build a reservoir of resiliency in body, mind and spirit.

PILATES emphasizes core stability by elongating tense muscles while building strength and balance in smaller muscle groups to improve posture and increase intrinsic power. The Pilates method of exercise is safe and gentle on the body, making it an effective workout for people of all ages.
The Allegro II reformer is the primary piece of equipment utilized in class. The reformer is a spring-and-pulley based apparatus that adds resistance to Pilates moves. All of the movements are in a linear direction. Exercises can be performed laying, sitting, kneeling or standing.

BARRE FITNESS  is a full body workout with limitless functional movement variations. Each exercise is thoughtfully and purposefully placed in the class exercise order to optimize the ability to burn fat, sculpt the body, and build long, lean muscles. The program is designed to strengthen the muscles by working to fatigue, then stretch them to lengthen and sculpt. Ballet-inspired barre work builds long lean legs quickly. By adding plyometrics and cardiovascular interval training, along with balls, bands and great music mixes, you slim down while having fun.

YOGA DANCE is a unique blend of ritual and rhythm inspired by modern and world dance, yoga and energy-balancing practices. It is a celebration of Self that combines both soothing fluid motion and rockin’ dance moves for a fat-burning feast of physical creativity. You will tune-in to yourself through gentle, circular floorwork, release tension and stimulate the lymphatic system with expansive, swinging movement, then go to the edge of your comfort zone with expressive, dynamic action. The class culminates in slow stretching and a short meditation giving thanks to the spirit within!