5 Steps to Less Stress

September 4th, 2012 | Posted by lisa johnson in Stress Relief

1.  Commit to less stress by changing your patterns and shift the stressful environment. Make a few check-in times during the day or at the moment of stress. Find an outlet such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, a hot bath, aromatherapy, reading or knitting. Seek a support network of friends.

2.  Shift awareness of the stressful situation early on. It usually works best when you catch it early. Know the contrast! Open up to new belief systems and perceptions. Send yourself an encouraging email.

3.  Shift your breathing pattern. For instance, elongate your exhale, breath in through the nose-out through the mouth, or pause in between the breaths. Try it while driving in your car. Feel the contrast!

4.  Do a body scan to become aware of areas that feel tense or heavy. Notice how agitation or depression are affecting your appetite. Drink a glass of water to get more grounded or eat a healthy snack in quiet.

5.  Restore emotional balance by being “in the moment”. Do not try to control the past or the future because  it doesn’t work! Instead give yourself 10 minutes in the morning to visualize yourself as peaceful during the day’s upcoming activities.



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